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[27 Oct 2008|10:08am]

I have these magazines up for sale, as I'm completely without money...
Each magazine costs 15 euros, except for the Pop Beat of June 1999, the VShot of 1999 and the Arena Index which are really rare and cost 25euros
Shipping depends on how many magazine u buy and where u live, so when u want to know shipping, please tell me number of magazines and
ur place...

MagazineCollapse )
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Scans- Kerrang [29 Aug 2007|12:29pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

When I read in the issue before that Dir en grey would be in next week, I rushed out to buy it, even though I was on holiday. Here are my scans from last week's issue of Kerrang! (Issue 1172), 18th August, in which features a 2 page live report of Dir en grey in London, with photos. Kerrang's review is mixed (as always), but I think the general gist of it seems to be "We don't get it...but people love this band with passion that we haven't seen before!"

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

full size scans under the cutCollapse )

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London 1st August [02 Aug 2007|02:15pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

So, who was at the gig last night? =D Your friendly neighborhood mods were there, with glowsticks and stripy socks.

I hope to see everyone's pictures and live reports soon! Mine will be up soon.

According to Dir en grey's official myspace, BOTH dates were sold out in London so WELL DONE, with this sucess I have every hope of them returning. :)

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Eeh [30 Jun 2007|11:04pm]

Just a few changes done to the profile. Nothing major.

I could only remember one link to buy tickets for the 1st Aug show. Anyone remember anymore? Oh, and for a question asked earlier in either a post or comment, both shows are at Islington Academy.

A month to go people =D!
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Sparkly New Member! [30 Jun 2007|05:15am]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Hi, new member here XD Its just occured to me to look for this community T_T I knew i wasnt alone in loving Diru to pieces! I cant believe they'r coming to England!!! To say im excited doesnt even cover it! Now i just have to find the money to get a ticket (if theres any left *hopes*). Lets just hope they love England so much they do as many tour dates as they have in America, though really whats not to love? :D

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Another Concert w00t!!!! [16 Jun 2007|10:04am]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Dir en Grey added another date to their mini tour of the UK...well London. So anyone got tickets for the 1st August show? I bought mine!! now I'm realllly exicited!!

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*mouth~to~mouth~community~bringing~back~to~life~ness* [07 May 2007|04:28pm]

Yaaaay, getting all excited about the concert [okaaaay it's a million 87 days away which seems like forever x_____x] I suddenly thought "I haven't read anything from uk_diru of love for aaaages" so...who's going? I hope everyone managed to get tickets ^0^ Come back here and get excited with each other XDDD

*throws an early Diru'scomingtolondon party* I was thinking of making a huge banner for everyone to sign like they did at the concerts in Germany but...my creative skills kinda stop at making cakes that fall apart ;w; *randomness*

And even more randomness ~
There I was with my sister walking around Cambridge on this lovely *cough* english~rainy day. All of a sudden a little lightbulb popped up and we thought "Why not go to HMV and see if we can buy Kirei and Audition?" [because we reeeeally want to see them *slightly underage but still*]. So off we went to HMV, got a bit lost [music shops confuse me >w<] and wound up next to a search thingy;
"Yaaay, why don't we randomly search for Diru? *w*"
*types it in and up pops the little happy Diru screen*
"Woooow they really do have it on their website ^0^"
*wanders round HMV even more lost and winds up next to the 'Pop/rock D section'*

Diru strikes again 8DDD We had a little happy attack in the middle of HMV and everyone was all "o~O?" I bet most of you knew it was sold in Cambridge but I'm kinda slow but go to Cambridge and spendspendspend anyway ^0^ After searching high and low we finally realised they didn't have any other bands there, but I hope that'll change soon and they'll stock more ~ <33 Fwoop, I babbled a bit ~ sorry XDDD
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[22 Mar 2007|07:07pm]

I know I just posted, but thoughts came to mind. (Run away)

First of all, we've been going for over a year. And okay...we don't have many members, but so what? We all know what we're here for, right? (Maybe)

Anyway...Over a year and it looks like the 'hope' and 'dream' of the community is going to come true. It makes me want to grab a tissue and dab my eyes. Er..maybe not.

BUT ANYWAY...Yay for concertness. YAY for uh...mod-like post.

Yay for Diru XD

Be more active >O

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Bow-wow [22 Mar 2007|07:00pm]

Islington Baby. Islington~
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Exciting stuff [06 Mar 2007|01:00pm]

Diru were mentioned in the latest Kerrang again. It was a small review of their New York (10th feb) live. I'll type up the review later if anyone wants to see it.

But more excitingly, Dir en grey are (rumoured?) coming to England on 2nd August. They'll be performing at Carling academy, London (dunno which one yet though). The dates were announced in the latest NeoTokyo newsletter and my German friend told me ^o^
So i really hope this is true. According to Neotokyo they are official dates.
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Diru in Kerrang! Mag.... kinda XD [07 Oct 2006|10:49pm]

Dir en grey were mentioned in Kerrang!!!

"Dir en grey are an anomoly, singing in Japanese and churning out unique otherworldly music that seems to merge Tool's novelty with Envy's sturdy noise barriers,. Many find them confounding, though they should take that as a compliment"

Is what they said 0.0 And there was no pic, but the mag gave them four Ks (out of five)

Maybe soon their vids will appear on Kerrang, or Scuzz. One can hope
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Amazon.co.uk [19 Sep 2006|05:08pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Now not only does HMV stock Dir en grey's latest tour DVD It Withers and Withers, http://www.amazon.co.uk is now selling many Dir en grey things. So far there are:
# Withering to Death UK release inc. bonus DVD (£11.99!)
# Vulgar (£11.99)
# Macabre (£20.99) o_O
and It Withers and Withers (only for rental)

Buy, buy my children of Diruism!

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Neo Jrock Scans For you~ [12 Sep 2006|10:12pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

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[28 Aug 2006|01:21pm]

Hi..I'm Caz, from Northants..im new >.<
eee...excited to have found a bunch of crazy likeminded fangirls
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Mod News!! [15 Aug 2006|10:24pm]

In town today with smoulderedtears and we decided to do a little research. First we joked around about our L337 H4RDC0R3 F4N4G3...Which was a joke. Anyway, I built up the courage to ask a member of HMV staff if they had the albums. Since, they did indeed have the DVD. (Different city from where I bought mine \o/)

Anyway, so we told her the computer said yes, but we couldn't find them. So she did a bigger search, told us we could order it if we wanted. Very tempting, but I'll do it here. She asked if they had a UK release, I said we didn't know. They had an American one.

Again, anyway, so she searched and said "We can get it in for you because it has a UK release"

So there it is, Dir en grey have a UK release. So doesn't that mean that Dir en grey's management had some involvement etc etc? I couldn't stop going on about it (Poor Steph) but hey, things are looking hopeful for us!

GO TO HMV AND ORDERRR! GO TO HMV'S UK SITE AND ORDERRR!! even if you have it already \o/ it's just going to show that we're just as supportive!

Woo for UK release!!!
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Mod post like, duuur [14 Aug 2006|05:04am]

[ mood | No sleep for j00 ]

Huh, yeah, Rae-chan just reminded me.

WOO! A step forward for the UK? Hopes getting high? Fangirls squealing in the middle of HMV? Oh hell yeah!

I don't know how many people noticed, but I'm gonna say. Because I rock like that XD

Alright, so about two months ago, Rae-chan told me when he was up at Aberdeen, they did a search for Dir en grey stuffs. Of course, last time I did the search I got Taste of Chaos stuff (Woo hoo ¬__¬) ANYWAY, they told me they had VULGAR on the list, along with Withering to Death and It withers and withers.

So, yesterday I took a trip to Edinburgh and Rae-chan did a little searching. Long story short, I basically bought It withers and withers. From HMV..In Edinburgh, as in Scotland, as in..UK.

Ooh I do believe this calls for a WOO. Main reason being, I didn't have to pay ridiculus prices on shipping. So erm...Dir en grey stuff in the UK...

Could this mean a future appearance here?


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*Waves* [11 Jul 2006|05:11pm]


Ah, at last; a community for UK Diru fans! To meet others like ourselves, it seems like a dream...Everything seems to be about those across the pond (Americans), who dominate the English-language fan-boards. But no longer! For we shall rise up in force, and show that the United Kingdom is a kingdom indeed- a kingdom of Diru fans! The Golden Age cometh!

Ahem. I'm somewhat high on caffeine (too much coffee), so I apologise for the nuttiness of my intro post. Suffice to say, I'm glad to be here. I'll be fleeing now. *Slinks away*.
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fanart spam [12 Jul 2006|01:45am]

[ mood | full ]

Because I should contribute to community and post? :D Posting fanart which you lot have probably seen already for...logging purposes. I hope you enjoy. XD


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Plan B! [03 Jul 2006|08:57pm]

GUYYYS. How are ya? Still alive? 8D

Ve haf new cunning plans, featuring:
1. Great British BEER (Die)
2. Football. ROONEY. (Die again. Seen his England football shirt?)
3. "Chavettes who pop out enough babies per year to keep Kyo plumper then the fat controller..." -courtesy of sephy_kiriyama
4. Geniuses who speak fluent EnglIsh, not Engrish. The masters of the language themselves.
5. Pistachio ice cream. (sephy_kiriyama again. ^^) SOMEONE'S going to want that ice cream. *looks furtively at Shinya* (fatten him up, Kaoru! O<)
6. And Quality Cashews (Tesco's own XD)

All in all, I think we're doing quite well for shipments to our small island. MAY OUR NEXT SHIPMENT BE DIR EN GREY. *prays*

And guys, remember- Pimp, Promote, Post! The 3 Ps! XDDD
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Kaoru vs. cashews [27 Feb 2006|10:24pm]


I have a cunning plan to lure Dir en grey to the UK.

It features...

As Kaoru is the leader-sama, he is the most likely to respond, ne? XDD
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